Modular Outdoor Kitchens

DIY Project

Makes a great DIY project for do-it-yourselfers

Big Savings

Modular kitchen projects start at about half the price of a custom kitchen design

Simple to Assemble

Modular kitchens are simple to assemble and offer hundreds of design possibilities

Step 1.

Pre-Planning & Design

  • Determine location of cabinets
  • Specify Appliances, Countertops and Surround Material
  • Install necessary utilities-gas, water, electrical, drainage
  • A minimum of 4′ concrete or paver foundation is needed to support kitchen

Step 2.

Install LOC Systems

  • Set LOC System in designated area
  • Level, glue, and bolt cabinets together

Step 3.

Cut Appliance Openings

  • Follow appliance manufacturers installation instructions
  • Cut LOC systems with a 4′ diamond masonry blade
  • Install doors and drawers in advance of stone installation

Step 4.

Install Appliances & Countertops

  • Install appropriate outdoor countertop surface such as tile or granite
  • If selecting a solid surface such as granite, it is recommended you work with a local fabricator

Step 3.

Install Finishing Materials

  • Install material directly to the pre-scratched cabinets
  • Follow the recommended installation guidelines provided

Ready to start your outdoor project?