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Thin Stone


Thickness of 1″ +/- 

Thin stone veneer is used as an outer covering on vertical walls for protection and decoration.  Many are choosing thin stone veneer to compliment vinyl or steel siding. Outdoors, it can be used in many different ways including entryway pillars, columns, or the bottom half of exterior walls with traditional siding on the top half. Inside uses include feature walls and fireplace cladding. It can also be called rock veneer, stone cladding, stone siding, rock coverings, or architectural stone. The benefit of thin stone veneer over a stacked stone is not needing additional structural support.  Traditional stone veneer is very heavy because each stone is 3 to 6 inches thick.  Depending on how tall your wall is, this requires additional support.  On the other hand, a thin stone veneer is cut about 1 inch thick so it is a much lighter product that walls can handle without additional support. Save money and time on the installation with thin stone, yet keep the elegant look of natural stacked stone.